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Last Update: 2024-03-24 15:52 UTC+0

Spring Cleaning

Sunday Thoughts.

It's slowly starting to feel like spring, even in the UK.
A time to do some spring cleaning, both physically and digitally.

I've been making an attempt to remove digital trash from my life; I'm now several weeks into exclusively using Linux - Settled on Arch which remains the only desktop disto for me, even after giving Debian a fair shake and seeing the current state of Ubuntu.
I don't miss Windows in the slightest and don't expect it to entice me to return. This is something I've told myself multiple times over the years but each time I revisit desktop Linux, it feels like there are fewer reasons to not stick with it.

I've fully moved away from cloud storage as I'm now confident in my approach to data backup and archiving. OneDrive may have been convenient while I was on Windows, but not as convenient as building a personal workflow for managing data. Not to mention the many ideological and pragmatic issues with storing all my data on someone else's server.

Despite never being a big social media user (outside of Twitter which I've been cutting down on), I've had a dormant Facebook account which is now deleted. The same goes for a variety of other profiles which only served to send spam to my old email accounts and share my details when getting breached.
Any accounts which I decided to keep are now linked to Proton Pass aliases which I've been setting up as part of my move to Proton's ecosystem - a move I can't recommend enough.

Parts of my computer collection/hoard will be going up for sale in the near future, clutter with no resale value or practical use has been getting sorted for recycling and disposal.

Much more difficult than all of the above have been gradual changes in daily routine.

I'm writing this blog post after returning home from the gym (going to which still isn't as regular as it should be). Once this post is published, some more cleaning awaits, followed by a continuation of my attempts to fix my sleep schedule.

As for this website, expect to see an improved blog page and more external links to explore soon.